The first private space project planning/production company in the world.

When I wanted to shoot the world's first TV commercial in space back in 2001, I looked for a production company that could help with the planning. But the use of the International Space Station by non-government or non-academic purposes was incredibly rare, and I could not find a company that could provide the support necessary to bring this project to life.

That is when I decided to start a company that would provide end-to-end assistance from planning all the way through to execution of commercial space projects with the help of space agencies in different countries. I named the company Space Films because in the beginning it was mainly catered to shooting films in space.

We have succeeded in having 3 space projects on board the International Space Station. In 2001, we shot the Pocari Sweat commercial in HD in space, and in 2005 we have shot the last episode for the Nissin Cup Noodles NO BORDERS series. In 2008, we conducted the Olympus space project as well, in which astronaut Wakata took photographs of Earth from the Japanese module Kibo and we used those for a photography exhibition.

So much is required to successfully pull off a project in space. To conduct a successful project in the setting of space, it requires: long-term and meticulous planning, budget management, creating scientifically accurate operation manuals through negotiations with various space agencies, and also training astronauts who will be taking part to the project while getting constant feedback from the control center. All of these complex processes must be integrated. You must also have the know-how and experience in execution, and above all, you need a strong will.

Whether it is a commercial project or a public project, it is the “great passion” that holds the success to a difficult space project. Space Films can exhibit its true powers when we have the pleasure of working with extremely passionate clients.

By working with clients who have a big idea, patience, and the power to believe, we have successfully carried out 3 projects. And we are looking forward to meeting more new, visionary clients.

Satoshi Takamatsu CEO/Mission Director


The 10 years of experience at SPACE FILMS has become the foundation for SPACE TRAVEL, a company introducing private spaceflight. SPACE TRAVEL started business as a travel agency focused on space travel; in other words, a space travel agency. At SPACE TRAVEL, we introduce various private space travel opportunities, ranging from a trip to the moon to many other space travels.